Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Water Storage for Vegetable Production

The productivity and profitability of farming depends largely on the availability of supplemental water for irrigating the crops. A quicker way of setting up a water storage system is through prefabricated plastic tanks that are readily available and not difficult to set-up.

Rehabilitation of Irrigation Canal

Sustaining the productive capacity of the farm should be focused on harvesting and storing rain water to assure that the water requirements of crops are met. One way of demonstrating this is through repair and rehabilitation of irrigation canals. This will show how rice paddies can benefit from an increase and improvement in the flow of irrigation water.

Early Transplanting of Tinawon Rice

Early transplanting of rice seedlings increases the tillering capability of the rice plants and shorten their maturity period

Planting of Early Maturing Corn Variety

For corn, planting the open pollinated variety IPB-13 an will assure of a seed stock after the next harvest season.

Crop Rotation: Potato after Cabbage/carrot

This cabbage/carrot-potato rotation cropping scheme is aimed at interrupting the cycle of plant pathogens and insect pests in an intensive vegetable-based production system in the high elevation agro-ecological zone.