Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Alfonso Lista

Raising of Upgraded Goat

Rearing of goats has advantages over other livestock because of their shorter gestation periods, higher frequency of multiple births, high adaptability to different environments. Their small size and early maturity give goats that distinct economic advantage over other animals.

Planting of Early Maturing Corn Variety

For corn, planting the open pollinated variety IPB-13 an will assure of a seed stock after the next harvest season.

Homestead Gardening

Planting pole sitao, ampalaya, eggplant, pechay for homestead gardening provides an alternative source of income. It also aims to improve the nutrition of the farm household.

Agroforestry Establishment Using Fruit and Timber Trees

Trees provide many benefits including lumber and forest products; shade and wind protection for crops, livestock and buildings; erosion control; water and nutrient cycling; wildlife food and habitat and most importantly as carbon sink.