Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Raising of Upgraded Swine

In the Cordilleras, the people have a strong preference for the meat in their meals. Across the region, swine is also an indispensable component in most of the rites and rituals. However, there is an increasing demand for beef and pork yearly as compared to the slower phase of growth in supply. This option, in the long run, hopes to address this issue.

Raising of Upgraded Chicken

Sasso and Kabir chickens shall be raised to supplement farmers’ income, at the same time complimenting the crop production business as a source of organic fertilizer.

Early Transplanting of Tinawon Rice

Early transplanting of rice seedlings increases the tillering capability of the rice plants and shorten their maturity period

Community Fruit Tree Nursery

The establishment of a nursery in this project through a “community-based” approach is an attempt to capacitate the local people on the process of producing their own planting materials to enable them to be self reliant and independent from outside help.