Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Raising of Upgraded Cattle

Cattle raising compliments the crop production business as a major source of organic fertilizer. Eventually, it becomes also an an alternative means of income for the farmer.

Soil Management with Minimum Tillage of Rootcrops

This is a CCA option of planting root crops like ginger, gabi, and others that would require minimum cultivation for low agro-ecological zones. This option is aimed at conserving soil and water and at the same time improving soil fertility.

Planting of Drought Resistant/sturdy Varieties

Crop diversification, with a mixture of crops that tolerate dry and wet conditions, is considered as one of the measures to stabilize crop production for food and cash.

Agroforestry Establishment Using Fruit and Timber Trees

Trees provide many benefits including lumber and forest products; shade and wind protection for crops, livestock and buildings; erosion control; water and nutrient cycling; wildlife food and habitat and most importantly as carbon sink.

Crop Rotation: Garlic/onion after Rice

This rotation cropping scheme is aimed at utilizing the remaining nutrients from the rice field at the same time interrupting the cycle of plant pathogens and insect pests in rice-based farming system in the low elevation agro-ecological zone.