Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Water Storage for Vegetable Production

The productivity and profitability of farming depends largely on the availability of supplemental water for irrigating the crops. A quicker way of setting up a water storage system is through prefabricated plastic tanks that are readily available and not difficult to set-up.

Raising of Upgraded Cattle

Cattle raising compliments the crop production business as a major source of organic fertilizer. Eventually, it becomes also an an alternative means of income for the farmer.

Soil Management with Minimum Tillage of Rootcrops

This is a CCA option of planting root crops like ginger, gabi, and others that would require minimum cultivation for low agro-ecological zones. This option is aimed at conserving soil and water and at the same time improving soil fertility.

Planting of Short Maturing Crops

Planting of short maturing crops as substitute for regular crops is an alternative crop production strategy to mitigate the negative impacts of abnormal weather conditions.

Potato Seed Production in Greenhouse

The introduction of greenhouse use for potato planting material production neutralizes the impact of weather hazards and, enables year-round cultivation.

Planting of Drought Resistant/sturdy Varieties

Crop diversification, with a mixture of crops that tolerate dry and wet conditions, is considered as one of the measures to stabilize crop production for food and cash.

Organic-based Vegetable Production in Greenhouse

The advantage of organic farming for food safety and maintaining environmental quality is well recognized. However, its application in the field is too risky because of insect pests and diseases. Thus, to avoid the crop failure under open fields this organic-based production in greenhouse will be demonstrated.

Integrating Citrus in Vegetable Farms

Integrating citrus in vegetable farms is aimed at increasing biological diversity and at the same time enhancing the protective and productive values of watershed in an intensive vegetable-based production system in the high elevation agro-ecological zone.

Community Fruit Tree Nursery

The establishment of a nursery in this project through a “community-based” approach is an attempt to capacitate the local people on the process of producing their own planting materials to enable them to be self reliant and independent from outside help.