Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Capacity Building of Stakeholders

Capacity development goes much beyond one-off training activities introduced by outsiders. It takes a longer-term perspective and seeks to capitalize on exsisting capacities. In the context of climate change adaptation in agriculture, capacity development describes the process throuch which individuals, organisations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain their capabilities to set and achieve the objective to adapt their livelihoods and agricultural farming systems to climate change.

The capacity development activities of the project focused on the following thematic areas:
1) increased knowledge on climate change, its impacts and adaptation options;
2) enhanced planning capacity for adaptation interventions at LGU and DA-CAR level;
3) enhanced data management for CC monitoring and planning; and
4) enhanced local capacities for farm-level implementation of climate change adaptation options.

All these activities were implemented at different levels, targeting institutions from the national, regional, provincial, municipal and barangay levels as well as individual farmers.