Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Selection of Farmer-Cooperators

The LWG is tasked to identify and select the farmer-cooperator(s) who will participate in implementing one or more of the CCA options in his/her farm. The LWG checks first that the candidate has not been a beneficiary of any previous project in the area. Also, he/she should have the necessary or relevant experience needed to implement the adaptation option in the farm, e.g. experience in raising ruminants for the livestock raising option.  The prerequisite inputs should already be in his/her farm for a particular option to be demonstrated; for example, for goat raising , he/she should already have a shed and the source of forage within or near the farm.

Each farmer-cooperator must first conform to the terms of agreement in the implementation of field tests involving the CCA options, including appropriate cultural management practices, and other related measures to ensure the success of the field tests.  In particular, the farmer-cooperator agrees on the following:

  1. Willingness to share a certain portion of or the whole farm for the field demonstration;
  2. Willingness to provide labor as a counterparts for the field demonstration;
  3. Willingness to cooperate in exploring the effectiveness and efficiency of the particular option demonstrated in his/her farm; and
  4. Willingness to share experiences and outputs with other farmers.

The farm that shall be used should be accessible for monitoring and evaluation, and since this will be promoted for cross visits as well as for eco-tourism.