Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Criteria for Site Selection

Preliminary consultation by the project management team with the local stakeholders and project partners in the area suggested the following set of criteria for site selection wherein to conduct the field demonstration tests:

  • site selection in ifugaoSite has to be within the identified existing vulnerable areas considering its biophysical and socioeconomic aspects, e.g. areas supporting watershed; areas affecting irrigation excluding flat areas and critical watershed areas;
  • Availability and commitment of demonstration field test collaborators in the area such as local government units (LGUs); no-governmental organizations (NGOs); field workers from national government agencies (NGAs); farmers/ farmer groups with active support and participation of researchers from state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the region;
  • Representativeness of typical component of contiguous fragile sub-ecosystem in the Cordilleras (high, middle, and low elevation areas); final site selection process at ATIrepresentative of  various agro-ecological zones as hazard context;
  • Existence of potential indigenous good practices that could blend with innovative climate change adaptation measure(s) being practiced in the area, and with potential for up-scaling;
  • Accessibility and visibility for eco-tourism and specially for demonstration purposes.