Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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Criteria for Identifying Climate Change Adaptation Options

The project team followed this set of criteria for identifying and selecting climate change adaptation options for field demonstration:

  • Potential for increased climate resilience.assessment of options in baguio
  • Socio-economic efficiency (socioeconomic costs and benefits e.g. benefit-cost ratio), and overall socio-economic impact for the whole community.
  • Potential for conservation/ preservation of the environment (potential positive environmental impacts)
  • Sustainability of the adaptation measure (long-term effectiveness of the interventions and capacity to continue after the project).
  • Social and cultural acceptability (e.g. FPIC-LGU mandatory consultation with the community; intellectual property right (IPR); etc.adaptation options
  • Potential for upscaling to larger areas, or replication in other areas.
  • Immediate impact/ response to urgent needs.
  • Promote participation and equal access to opportunities and benefits among men and women.