Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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The Project Areas

This is a three-year project implemented in the Cordillera region -- the only land-locked region in the country -- with focus on Benguet and Ifugao provinces. The Cordillera mountain range is one of the major watersheds in northern Philippines from which many of the headwaters of major river systems originate. Normally, the seasons are not very pronounced but the climate is relatively dry from November to April and relatively wet from May to September. Although the proposed focus areas are Benguet and Ifugao, the sectoral/ecosystem (agriculture, forestry, water) adaptation strategies to be developed would eventually benefit and involve the other localities in the Cordillera region including the province of Abra and the city of Baguio. (Clicking on the provinces takes you to the demonstration sites.)

map philippine cordilleras

project sites